About us

Picture of the ALC HQ at Mandala House in Blantyre, Malawi. The oldest building in the country and now a National Monument. 

This is not a new story. In 1878, the African Lakes Company Limited was established in Glasgow with the mission of developing commercial trade to displace slavery in central Africa. This mission is being revived with a contemporary objective - to prove that through investing in African companies Scotland can help her African partners to grow more successful companies and reduce dependence on aid.

Our revived ALC is a Scottish company making investments in growth stage companies in Africa.  We are particularly interested in medium sized companies where we can add value by deploying the experience of our investors and supporting growth.  Our goal is to be an investor with impact.  This is an opportunity for existing business seeking capital to grow and not an opportunity for greenfield projects or startups. We will be glad to hear from Malawian companies if you meet all these criteria: 

  • You are an existing registered company with financial records which have been audited or examined,
  • You have an established management team with the vision to drive the business forward,
  • You have a business plan for using investment to grow the business.

ALC can invest equity or debt, but please be clear that we do not provide soft loans. The social and economic performance of investee companies will be measured and reported on annually to investors. ALC will draw on lessons from other “investors with impact” and focus investment in sectors of the economy which offer the prospect of sustainable growth and generate employment opportunities, with a particular emphasis on projects which include women

Investors will be invited to join an occasional visit to meet investee companies. This will be an opportunity to share business experience with co-investors and investees, and see at first hand the impact of investment in a small African country.

ALC Board

Jo Elliot                     Non-executive, Chairman

Robert Anderson         Managing Director

Morag Watson             Non-executive Director  

Pauline Bradley           Non-executive Director   

ALC Executive

The Managing Director is supported by three part time investment consultants: Mary Jane Brouwers, Harris Grant C.A., and Desmond Woods (based in Malawi).