Seeking investment? 

Your decision - We know this is a big decision for you and that there are many options for you to consider when looking for the capital you need to grow your business. ALC will be one among many options you will be considering. ALC can invest equity or debt and we are open to investing alongside other investors.

Our focus - To help you develop your thinking and save precious time we should be clear that the focus of ALC is on existing businesses seeking capital to grow.  We are not focussed on greenfield projects or startups, those are normally too high risk and may require more support than we are able to provide.  However, we will be glad to hear from existing Malawian companies seeking investment if you meet all three of these criteria: 

  • You are an existing registered company with financial records which have been audited or examined.  
  • You have an established management team with the vision to drive the business forward. 
  • You have a business plan for using investment to grow the business.  We don’t need a powerpoint presentation or a thick folder of papers. We can look at that later.  What we do need right from the outset is a clear and simple summary of your business and your vision of where that business will go with fresh investment.  

The ALC Package:  Alongside financial capital ALC will investing our social capital, providing advice and support for growing companies.