Likhubula House

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Leadership, Youth, Vision

Likhubula House is the pre-eminent place in Malawi where the mountain environment inspires fresh thinking, risk taking, and team building. A new generation of Malawian young people and politicians are finding refreshment in the mountain environment of Likhubula and Mt Mulanje. 

Key groups spend time together, breaking down barriers and building the social capital which is essential for the development of a cohesive civil society.  

Scottish support

The Scottish Government, Scottish schools and a long series of Malawian and Scottish volunteers have helped to renovate Likhubula House. 

Contact: Likhubula House, P.O Box 111, Mulanje, Malawi     

Contacts for bookings Landline (+265) 01 980 611 

Mobiles: (+265) 0 888 863 632 (Center Manager)